Raising Independent Catholic Kids in an Age of Conformity

Catholic Teen Volunteers

Sexting, drugs, alcohol, cyber-bullying, teen suicide, rampant materialism, technology addiction, and me-first mindsets – the list of challenges to young people today can seem overwhelming.  As parents of two boys, ages 12 and 16, I feel like my wife and I are on the front lines of a never-ending war for the very souls of our… Continue reading Raising Independent Catholic Kids in an Age of Conformity

My Soul is a … Jet Pack?

As a parent of two teenagers, I often feel guilty about my shortcomings. I never did teach them Latin, we still have a long way to go on Bible studies, and, occasionally, I serve macaroni and cheese for dinner. There is one thing I have gotten right though — both my children are very comfortable… Continue reading My Soul is a … Jet Pack?

Surrogate Gods, Surrogate Parents

It is a gross understatement to say that we live in very trying times.  Our country is at war, our economy is struggling, atheists are one of the fastest growing groups in our country and our families are under siege.  My intent is not to depress you, but get your attention on the reality of… Continue reading Surrogate Gods, Surrogate Parents

Shock, Mercy and Joyful Witness

I drove my family to the 7:30 am Easter Mass at St. Peter Chanel parish Sunday morning with excitement as we were preparing to celebrate our Risen Lord.  Imagine our shock when we pulled into the parking lot and saw that someone had spray painted graffiti on our brand new white marble statue of Christ… Continue reading Shock, Mercy and Joyful Witness

Rising to the Challenge

My wife and I are blessed with two wonderful boys, Alex and Ryan, ages 13 and 10.  The catalyst for this article occurred after a recent family birthday celebration.  We went to a nicer restaurant than usual because of the occasion, which also served to elevate the anxiety we felt about the boys showing good… Continue reading Rising to the Challenge

The Dilemma of the Would-be Job Seeker

Have you recently received a call from a recruiter about a new opportunity that got you thinking?  Perhaps you’re feeling underappreciated by your boss.  Are there few opportunities for professional growth at your company?  Is it experiencing financial challenges that have impacted your income and benefits?  Have the leaders failed to inspire you because of… Continue reading The Dilemma of the Would-be Job Seeker

Pass the Manners Please: Navigating Politely in a Rude World

If we were able, somehow, to catapult a person from the 1800s to the present time, I don’t think the biggest surprise for him would be the inventions or progress we’ve made. Sure, the Internet would wow. The automobiles would amaze, and cell phones would certainly astonish, but I truly believe that one of the… Continue reading Pass the Manners Please: Navigating Politely in a Rude World