Want To Save The World? Start With The People You See Everyday.

"Charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary" (detail) by Edmund Blair Leighton

In June, I started a mother’s ministry at my 10,000 person parish and the response has been overwhelming. Though we began meeting over five weeks ago, every week I receive more requests from women who have heard about us and want to join the group. Here’s the thing I already knew, but my experience has confirmed: women are hungry for […]

The Good News About Imperfect Families

Do we have to go to church?” my five year old, Camille, whined as we readied for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross. “It’s boring and stupid,” she said, tears dripping down her cheeks and punctuating her overly dramatic sentiments. “I want to go to the Stations. Today is the day Jesus died. I want to comfort Him,” I […]

I’m Not Heavy, I’m Their Mother — On Being a Burden

Mother and Children

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to sing He ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother by The Hollies as he tinkered in his garage.  I never understood why someone would name her son “Heavy” or what the song was about in the first place, but it never stopped Grandpa from whistling the tune while he went about his business. I […]