How Can I Become a Better Catholic Husband and Father to my Family?

Ask a Carmelite Sister… Dear Sister, I’ve been reading your answers to questions on The Integrated Catholic Life™ for several months now and have been playing with the idea of writing you a question that I’ve been thinking about for many years. It’s about my family. I don’t consider us bad Catholics, nor do I consider us to be devout […]

Why Would You Ever Want a Hubby and a Baby?

I was trapped on the treadmill, eyes fixed on the TV set elevated above me and dumbfounded by the show I found myself watching. It was one of those talk shows—you know, the kind where the hosts and guests spend an hour or so discussing all sorts of “important” topics: celebrity gossip, beauty tips, relationship problems…definitely not my entertainment preference, […]

Sex and the Married Woman

My first job after college graduation was as a “Training Specialist” at a large corporation.  I taught computer software classes.  It was the mid-80’s and I had all sorts of plans for life.  I had just delivered my first son and my sister was his caregiver during my long days at work.  I loved my job, I loved my new […]