Dolphin Tale’s Positive Portrayal of Homeschoolers

As a freelance writer who reviews family movies, I often have the opportunity to attend screenings in advance of a movie’s release.  Several weeks ago, I received a press kit for the film Dolphin Tale.  It included a book about the movie and a stuffed dolphin with a “prosthetic” tail, attached with velcro.  I gave them to my 12 year-old […]

Many Catholics Choose Homeschooling – Should You?

Homeschooling, defined as “parent-led, home-based education” is the fastest growing form of education, now bordering on the mainstream in the United States. [i] According to National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) , in 2010 more than 2. 04 million students were homeschooled in the United States, and homeschooling has grown by seven percent in the last three years[ii]. 2010 statistics […]

Go where the flowers are

When I was a little girl I used to love to watch the butterflies, particularly monarchs, as they gracefully swooped in large numbers through our backyard in late August. There seemed to be hundreds throughout the day passing through. I viewed them as treasures in the air, like falling coins or surprises of chocolate that came, unexpected. When my brothers […]