How Can I Get Out of My Patterns of Sin?

Dear Sister Mary Colombiere, How can I deepen my relationship with God when I am stuck in patterns of sin that I can’t seem to break? I’ve asked this question to several people at different times, but I really can’t seem to figure this out or make any progress. I am really grieved over this. Dear Friend, It seems to […]

Breaking out of Bad Habits

Ask a Carmelite Sister Dear Sister, I have the bad habit of judging people. As I grow older, the habit grows along with me. I am a very logical person, and it is very painful for me to watch people not get punished for wrongdoing, or hide their misdeeds, or grow wealthy while those of us trying to live according […]

The Seven Daily Habits of Holy Apostolic People

I came across an article I read some time ago by Fr. C. John McCloskey which details the seven daily habits we should follow as faithful Catholics.  It had an impact on me the first time I read it and reviewing it again reminded me of the practices I need to incorporate into my hectic day.  This was very helpful […]