The Power of a Habit

Photography © by Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

Last week my entire immediate family—8 adults, 8 kids—spent the week together on vacation. My sister is a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia, or as they’re more commonly known, a “Nashville Dominican.” The Nashville Dominicans are recognizable by their full white habits and long black veils. When friends and family heard we were all going on vacation together—even Sister—we were […]

Nagging or ‘This is the last ten times I’m going to tell you’

Continually mouthing the same appeal or threat, whether changing your words a little or a lot, does little to gain a child’s attention or cooperation. If I had to award a prize for the most futile parenting practice, I would surely present it to nagging. Indeed, nagging may be the single most pervasive masquerade of discipline. In its popular sense, […]

A Habit We Should Never Break

I was in the airport recently and spotted a number of young men and women in military uniforms. I have read about civilians going up to these folks to thank them for their service — and even offering to buy them meals. I think these are wonderful gestures. It reminds me of the times I’ve been thrilled to see sisters […]

All I Have Is a Pineapple and My Patience Is Draining

Dear Heavenly Father, I prayed to you for patience. Still waiting… I’m getting impatient. Love , Your daughter Katie Have you ever had something going on in your life that was really testing your patience? Or perhaps you feel like there is a certain person God specifically anointed to tease every last patient nerve-ending in your body. Maybe you have […]