What the Church (and world) needs from you

Graduation season is upon us, when everyone from Ph.D. candidates to preschoolers don gowns and caps to accept accolades and degrees for their hard work.  For some of these graduates, their work as students is finished. As humans, the quest for knowledge must never have a conclusion. Sadly, for many Catholics, their completion of Catholic… Continue reading What the Church (and world) needs from you

The Nest Begins to Empty

As I was addressing my daughter’s high school graduation invitations last night, I began to reminisce about the journey my daughter has taken in life.  I find it difficult to put into words how proud I am of her: knowing her struggles, knowing her convictions, knowing her faith, knowing her success despite it all.  My… Continue reading The Nest Begins to Empty

What We’re Looking For

High school graduation marks the end of the nesting period and the beginning of quasi-adulthood.  Parents are a weird mix of merry and melancholic, while many graduates are saturated by relief, excitement and panic. The nostalgia of graduation season leads me to an observation that applies to rising college freshmen, and to all of us,… Continue reading What We’re Looking For