Fr. Pontifex

Album Review: The Symphony and the Static by Fr. Pontifex

A lot has happened since Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns, AKA Fr Pontifex, released his first full-length studio album, Ordained.  His rap debut was a mix of blues, jazz, Motown and backpacker beats that was a refreshing departure both musically and lyrically from typical top-40 hip hop fare.   But after Christian evangelist Jefferson Bethke’s spoken word video, Why I Love Jesus, […]

Perceptions: An Interview with Priest and Rapper – Fr. Pontifex

Fr. Claude Burns is a pastor at Holy Spirit Church in Evansville, IN.  However, many outside of his parish know him as Fr. Pontifex, a rapper whose frankness, orthodoxy and engaging style has made him a rising star in the ever-emerging genre of Catholic hip-hop.  In his first full length release, “Ordained,” Fr. Pontifex’s songs range from the autobiographical to […]