Five Attitudes We Have Toward Football that We Should Have Toward Church

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, San Francisco North Beach Photography © by Andy Coan

In my days as an evangelical Christian (and even occasionally in my decade as a Catholic), I have heard many a pastor suggest that we would get a lot more out of our attendance at Church if we treated it with the same enthusiasm we display toward sporting events. Some of these pastors, no doubt, would like to see the […]

Movie Review of “Undefeated”

There’s nothing like the story of an underdog overcoming the odds to surprise everyone and come out on top. In the documentary Undefeated, the story of the Manassas Tigers, an inner city Memphis, Tennessee high school football team is a glimpse into a world of defeat. The boys have more family members who have gone to prison than to college.  […]

Life and Death on the Gridiron

Satan challenged God to a football match pitting the best players in Heaven against the best in Hell.  St. Peter, speaking on God’s behalf, asked the Prince of Darkness how he expected to win such a contest since the heavenly All-Stars would be disciplined, well coached, and play as a team, whereas their opponents, being a gang of incorrigible ruffians, […]