The Rite – Movie Review

There will be two kinds of people that go to see the movie, The Rite, Warner Brother’s supernatural thriller about demonic possession; those that believe and those that do not.  But as Fr. Lucas’s warned his seminarian apprentice, “Choosing NOT to believe in the Devil, won’t protect you from him.”  And that, is ultimately what the movie is about–faith or […]

To Do List: Homeschool, Laundry, Make Dinner, Interview Exorcist

Oh the life of a homeschool mom; one never knows what the day will bring.  Add the fact that I’m a freelance writer and author, and anything is possible. Last month I received a call from a public relations company, inviting me to LA on a press junket to preview the movie THE RITE starring Anthony Hopkins (in theaters January […]

An Interview with Sir Anthony Hopkins of “The Rite”

The Integrated Catholic Life spoke with the stars of the new movie – The Rite – including Sir Anthony Hopkins, the 73-year old Welsh actor who might be best known for his Academy Award winning performance as Hannibal Lector in the 1991 movie, The Silence of the Lambs. This new movie, which is inspired by true events, opens in theaters on […]