Gender Confusion Results from Misunderstanding Human Nature

From “gender-bending” to “gender-less” in less than two weeks. Honestly, I couldn’t make this up because I’d lose all credibility. Yet life certainly is stranger than fiction; oftentimes sadly so. In my most recent article, I quoted a feminist professor who spoke with pride about how she was raising her children according to her strict feminist ideology; content that both […]

Teenagers and Truth

What is truth? This is not an idle question, especially for teenagers. They may not ask it this way but there is a hunger, a need, an intense yearning to grab onto something that makes sense of their existence. The young man’s question to Jesus “Master, what must I do?” (Mk 10:17ff) is not merely a pragmatic question. It is […]

The Metaphysics of Man and Broccoli

“I have taken more out of philosophy than any other class this year not only because it helps prep for university, but also gave me a lot to think about in the way I live my life. One of my favorite aspects of this course was metaphysics, as it opened my eyes to many possible answers to life’s burning questions, […]