The Most Important Thing You Can Do On Election Day

Man at Prayer

Many of us feel helpless right now, as Election Day approaches.  Perhaps you’ve felt this way before, each time you’re given the responsibility of choosing the man or woman that will lead your school board, city, state, or even country.  Maybe you’ve never felt as helpless as you do in this election. Perhaps you’ve read all you want to read, […]

The Joy Amidst the Disappointment

"The Ascension of Christ (Detail)" by Farofalo

What follows is a note I sent to a group of friends who I suspect felt a profound sense of sadness after the presidential election. I share it with you to offer a perspective that will help you see the very real blessing that God has given us, how He has answered our deepest prayers in permitting our disappointment. I […]

What Are You Prepared To Do For Religious Freedom?

Editor’s Note: This is a speech given by Integrated Catholic Life™ contributing writer Theresa Thomas on October 27th, 2012 at Religious Freedom Rally in South Bend, Indiana. You are here today because you care about our country, our children, our future. You gave up something in your normal everyday routine to be here- maybe it was a football game on the sofa, […]

A Young Adult’s Take on the Election

As a young news reporter for a Catholic network, I have three perspectives on the midterm election, and I intend to share all of them: first my thoughts as a Catholic, then as a reporter, then as a young person. For a Catholic, the midterm election this year seems pretty encouraging.  There were many pro-life politicians who won their way […]

Voting a Truly Informed Catholic Conscience

Several state bishops conferences, including the four Massachusetts bishops who comprise the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, have published letters or guides to the Catholic faithful about tomorrow’s elections. Following upon the 2007 document of the U.S. Bishops as a whole, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” they have all sought to form the consciences of Catholics so that they may vote morally […]