Dr. Ray Guarendi

Ave Maria Radio flourishes despite odds – including flesh-eating bacteria

Fifteen years after the switch was flipped on at 1290 AM, WDEO (“DEO” is Latin for God) in Ann Arbor, MI, Ave Maria Radio is still leading the charge in Catholic Radio. In 1996, Mother Angelica, the foundress of EWTN, the world’s largest religious network, offered programming to any Catholic radio station. Ave Maria was the first to accept the […]

Preparing Children for the “Real World”

I came across an interesting post this morning about Dr. Ray Guarendi’s response to a mother’s question regarding protecting her chilren’s innocence.  This mom regularly hears from her peer group: You can’t protect them forever.  There is a real world out there.  They have to learn to deal with life.  I found this post interesting because my wife and I regularly […]