Dominican Sisters of Mary

Sr. Joseph Andrew and Her Order’s New Rosary Album

Dominican Sisters of Mary (Ann Arbor)

When I was much, much younger, I used to be annoyed with my mom’s propensity to play classical music on the piano and to play it on the radio. Later, I found that classical music was a great way to study and even to calm myself down. More recently, since becoming Catholic, I’ve discovered the great treasury of Catholic classical music. […]

Dominican Sisters, Mater Eucharistiae, and Awesomeness

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

I used to think it must be so boooooorrrrrriiiinnnnng to be a religious sister. I mean, what would you do for fun? Pray? I’ve come a long way since those days. Now, I struggle not to see religious life as so much better and holier than the messy chaos my life sometimes seems to embody hourly. And I try not […]