Happy Lent!

Lent, happy?  But of course.  If Lent is meant to strengthen you spiritually and bring you closer to God, why wouldn’t it be a happy time?  It should be happy because it’s a holy time.  So, surely you should be wearing a big smile across your face until Easter. After forty days of increased holiness, you will be downright giddy […]

Taming the Wild Beasts in My Lenten Desert

I am studying a package of graham crackers with a quizzical eye. Although it may not be obvious to the casual observer, I am actually engaging in a bit of philosophy as I lift a cracker and carefully turn it over in my hands. It’s Lent, and what’s happening is very predictable. You see, I’ve given up sweets, so now […]

Political Correctness

Let’s explore the danger of political correctness, the way we might explore a car engine, by asking the question, “How does it work?”  Actually, in this case we should ask the question, “How does it cause harm?” At its core, I believe political correctness causes great, grave problems in a society by leading people to regularly adhere to falsehoods that […]