My Ideal Encounter With an Atheist Scientist

My ideal encounter with an atheist scientist would not be a debate on a stage. It would be in my kitchen, and the atheist scientist and I would be preparing a meal together as friends. In my ideal encounter, my friend would be another woman perhaps as I once was, unsure about God but not completely opposed to Him either. As […]

Happy Lent!

Lent, happy?  But of course.  If Lent is meant to strengthen you spiritually and bring you closer to God, why wouldn’t it be a happy time?  It should be happy because it’s a holy time.  So, surely you should be wearing a big smile across your face until Easter. After forty days of increased holiness, you will be downright giddy […]

Why Women Cook

Sito was my late grandmother-in-law. No matter when my husband and I stopped by (or even, sorry to say, dropped in without calling), Sito would provide a feast for us. She spent almost every day cooking and filling her freezer with nourishing delicious meals and treats, betting on the chance that someone would stop by, if not this afternoon, then […]