A Catholic Woman’s Journey with Contraception

I was in high school when the advent of the birth-control pill was announced to the world, and it was declared by secular society to be a wondrously liberating device. For married women, the pill was touted as offering freedom from a string of pregnancies. For single women, the pill was hailed as a way to enjoy sex without commitment – as […]

The HHS Mandate and Conscience Made Simple – Five Things You Should Do Now

By now, most every Catholic and non-Catholic citizen is aware of the important debate taking place over President Obama’s effort to force Catholic organizations and institutions to provide sterilization coverage and contraceptive coverage, including abortion-inducing drugs, in the health insurance plans they offer their employees. The negative reaction to this mandate crosses lines of religion, age and sex. Many Catholics […]

HHS Mandate, Three Resulting Temptations, and the Virtue of Hope

Cowardice, Hatred, Indifference When an intruder encroaches, one may crawl deeper into the trenches, afraid to face that which terrifies.  Often fear takes a more subtle, latent form.  In the case of the President Obama administration’s mandate, the temptation facing the Church is one of deep, inner-fear.  Fear can be positive in that it points to the real thing causing […]

The Consequences of the “I Don’t Want to Offend” Mindset

Over lunch this week with a long-time client, the blessing I said at the beginning of the meal was the catalyst for an interesting conversation (as it has been with so many others in the past).  This human resources executive smiled as I made the sign of the cross at the end and said, “Well, I don’t see this every […]

A Nation in Crisis, Prayer and the Wisdom of Mother Teresa

The news keeps getting darker and darker. The United States borrows about 40% of every dollar it spends. That amounts to about 120 billion dollars added to the debt each month. The current U.S. debt, not including unfunded future liabilities, is 14.5 trillion dollars. Add in those liabilities and you have 76 trillion dollars. To cover just the current year […]

A Lesson on Birth Control from…Moses?

I recently renewed a friendship with a long-lost high school friend on Facebook and was surprised by her rather liberal views on politics and religion.  At first, I thought that I should move on as our world views were so very different, but I enjoyed sharing old high school memories and conversing about topics that didn’t highlight our differences.  We […]

Shocking Numbers out of New York

Father Barron responds to the recent statistical study demonstrating that approximately 41% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. Take a moment to read Father’s commentary about “the most compelling moral issue of our time,” and please spread the word.  – The Editors A few months ago, I was in a cab with some of my Word on […]

The Church and Condoms

Last weekend, headlines focused on how Pope Benedict was apparently changing the Church’s teachings about the immorality of the use of condoms. The comments, excerpted from a book length interview of the Pope with journalist Peter Seewald, led many news outlets, like The New York Times, to claim that this was “the first Vatican exception to a long-held policy condemning […]

How Abortion Breaks All Ten Commandments

Abortion does not only break the Fifth Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” It breaks all the commandments. Let’s reflect on how each Commandment illumines and strengthens our pro-life commitment. The First Commandment is “I am the Lord your God; you shall not have other gods besides me.” There are many ways of having false gods. Pope John Paul II once […]