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Let Your Prayer Life Explode with Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

I know I should carve out more time for family and sleep. And prayer. Especially prayer. If only I prayed more, then everything else would go smoother. So I make the effort. And then my phone rings. Or the dogs bark at something. Or… well, you get the picture. Recently, however, something has changed for me. I’ve met Blessed Elizabeth […]

Ask a Carmelite: What is the Goal of Carmel?

Dear Sister Mary Colombiere, I know that all Catholic spiritualities are centered on Christ and the Gospel.  But what is the ultimate goal of Carmelite Spirituality? Dear Friend, Life is a journey through time and every journey has a beginning and an end. The goal of every journey is to reach the end having fulfilled the purpose of the journey. […]

Ask a Carmelite: Meditation and Contemplation… What’s the Difference?

Dear Sister Mary Colombiere, I have heard of meditation and contemplation and sometimes the words seem to be interchangable. Is there a difference between the two? Dear Friend, Let us begin by saying that the basic difference between meditation and contemplation is that meditation is a human mode of prayer whereas contemplation is divinely infused prayer. In her autobiography, St. […]

A Still Point in a Turning World: Finding Time for Faith

The Integrated Catholic Life recently sponsored a Major Speakers Series event in Atlanta on August 11, 2010 featuring popular, national speaker, Dr. Paul Voss.  Dr. Voss is a long-time friend of the Annual Atlanta Catholic Business Conference (ACBC).  His company, Ethikos and the ACBC were additional co-sponsors of the evening’s talk, titled “A Still Point in a Turning World: Finding Time for Faith.”  The host […]