Who We Are Matters

"Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard" (detail) by Rembrandt

I believe that one of the great challenges of our time derives from the loss of knowledge of who we are and what we are made for. Actually, we may know these eternal truths, but we tend to suppress them in our consciousness. In this age of consumerism, we tend to define ourselves, not by who we are and for […]

Daily Catholic Quote from Blessed John Paul II

  “Christ alone can free man from what enslaves him to evil and selfishness: from the frantic search for material possessions, from the thirst for power and control over others and over things, from the illusion of easy success, from the frenzy of consumerism and hedonism which ultimately destroy the human being.”  (Blessed John Paul II) Please help us in […]

Avoiding the “Super Catholic” Syndrome this Christmas

Those of us who are doing our best to try and follow the teachings of the Church know enough to not take our cues from secular society, especially in regards to what the world says is important at Christmas.  We try not to get sucked into the culture of consumerism and commercialism and what has become society’s idea of the […]

New Material Girl Clothing Line Sends the Wrong Message

So there you are shopping for back to school clothes with your daughter.  You’re trying to find fun and at least somewhat fashionable clothing that won’t make your innocent child look like she’s ready to hit the beach instead of the books if you get my drift.  It’s tough enough trying to keep within your budget and hang on to […]

The Most Important Job on Earth

Bring up the topic of celibacy at a social gathering, if you dare. Some people will roll their eyes and proclaim it impossible, while others will tell jokes about it. It’s little wonder, though, since we live in a world where sex sells everything from cars to cookies – and many believe that living without a sexual relationship is impossible. […]