Marx, Atheistic Materialism and Class Struggle

If ever someone challenges the truthfulness of the concept that “ideas have consequences” it would be good to remind them of our next philosopher in this examination of the causes of our modern “God is Dead” morality. Besides Karl Marx, no other writer has written anything that has caused so much bloodshed in the history of ideas. As a result […]

Fr. Barron on Bob Dylan in China

Editor’s Note: In a recent article, Maureen Dowd criticized Bob Dylan for what she saw as his caving to the Chinese authorities and not singing his protest songs during his tour in China.  Fr. Robert Barron examines Dylan’s play list at his China concerts and comes away with a much different take –  Bob Dylan highlighted his most explicitly Christian […]

Fr. Barron on Blessed John Paul II – Catholicism Series

Editor’s Note: Fr. Robert Barron speaks on Pope John Paul II in this brief excerpt from his Catholicism series. He comments on the amazing role the Holy Father played in the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe… “If someone would have told me when I was a kid in the 1970’s that the Soviet Union and its communist empire would […]