A Work in Progress

Several of our Christian beliefs can be debated, fine arguments can be made, and opposing views can be discussed. But I think one of the most self-evident beliefs is that of original sin and concupiscence. As Christians, Catholics in particular, we recognize that mankind is a work in progress. The struggle against concupiscence is real, and we can see evidence […]

Change and Original Sin

While reading about the restructuring in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, I stopped to say a prayer for everyone involved – everyone from Bishop Zubik to the priests and parish staff to the people in the pew. Change always brings great opportunities and great challenges. As I’ve written before, priest changes can be quite disruptive and difficult for a parish. Change […]

Autumnal Adoration

Photography by Jérôme Prax

It would be difficult for me to live in a place without seasons.  I do love warm weather and sunshine, and I know people who love their homes in Florida and Arizona, but I think I need the change of the seasons in my life. I love fall. I love bringing out cardigans and boots from storage, the sound of […]

Flourishing and Dying

About two months ago, our family moved to a new city and home. Life was on the cusp of a spring breakthrough, though we couldn’t yet perceive all of its wonder and glory. Our new backyard was riddled with sticks and brown, parched grass. Heavily pruned and unidentifiable bushes adorned the brick pathway through the side yard. Life was dormant, […]

What We Can Learn from Clergy Assignments

Last Sunday, the choir at my parish took me by surprise by singing “Totus Tuus” by Marco Frisina for the meditation after communion. Though I’ve only heard the song a few times, it never fails to take me back to the emotional weeks surrounding Pope John Paul II’s death and funeral. I was given the grace of being in Rome […]

Allowing Change

I looked out over the now-empty lot, some bricks and wood laying in the dirt as the only tangible indications that there had once been a structure there.  “There’s an article or blog post here,” I thought to myself. I worked for a wonderful Catholic college for six years before moving to work at the local diocese. For most of […]

A Simple “Yes” Makes All the Difference

Recently, an old college friend I had not seen in years asked me an interesting question: “How did you make such a profound change in your life?” This person, who knew me 20+ years ago from our wild days at the University of Georgia, wondered how I could have gone from a carefree, hedonistic lifestyle with an aversion to any […]

Pickin’ Up and Movin’ On: How Faith Makes Change Easier

The concept of “change” stirs up quite a potpourri of emotions in people: excitement, fear, peace, anxiety, uncertainty, nausea, heartache, heartburn (does this list sound like the side effects of a commercial medication yet?). Some people love change, finding themselves craving it every few days, weeks, months, or years. Others try to avoid it like a poison—you know who you […]