The Clarity of Simon Peter’s Example

Sea of Galilee

And when he had ceased speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4). Not long ago, one of our priests gave an excellent homily based on chapter five of Luke’s Gospel and the Call of Simon the Fisherman (before he became St. Peter). Although Father Steve never described […]

Praying the Daily Examen

Man at Prayer

I have had numerous discussions recently about finding time for daily prayer and reflection.  People have been interested in how I keep the Jesuit Daily Examen on my calendar, so I am sharing it here along with suggested times.  The Examen is one of the most effective (and easiest) ways I know to have scheduled reflection and prayer throughout the […]

Are You Goal Oriented?

Have you ever been so focused on achieving your goals that you’ve run people over in the process? I sure have. In today’s workplaces, it’s more important than ever to meet our goals, and we’re under lots of pressure to be productive and efficient. Unfortunately, this can cause plenty of interpersonal problems, since we all act differently when we’re under […]

Applied Leadership

My MBA was in “Applied Leadership.” It took an enormous amount of time and sacrifice to complete, yet I’m still not sure that I could provide a concise definition of exactly what “applied leadership” means. Thankfully, I know it when I see it. One of the most head-spinning times in my life was right around my 40th birthday. First came […]

Great Prayer Tool for Catholic Professionals: The Jesuit Daily Examen

Man at Prayer

Over the years I have had numerous discussions with Catholic professionals around the country about making time for prayer and reflection during the busy work day.  People have been interested in how I keep the Jesuit Daily Examen on my calendar, so I am sharing it here along with suggested times.  The Examen is one of the most effective (and […]

David DeWolf and the Integrated Life

The DeWolf Family

You know that guy who manages to do it all and look good doing it? His name is David DeWolf, and I’ve come to find out that he does not, in fact, have a superpower that none of the rest of us can access. David is CEO of 3Pillar Global, a company he founded and now travels internationally to run. […]

Is Time Working For You?

Friends and colleagues have long wondered how I seem to squeeze so much activity into each day and still maintain a sense of balance.  As a reformed workaholic, I have always had a tendency to be fully engaged throughout the day and usually maintain a full plate of faith, family and work-related activities.  As I have gotten older and hopefully […]

Investing in Our Future

With all of the bad news facing us these days, I am happy to share something encouraging with you.  I recently had an opportunity to address a group of college-age Catholics working summer internships in the Atlanta area.  These young adults are part of a special program run by Catholic business leaders in which internships are offered in roles relevant […]

An Interview with Kevin Lowry – author of “Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck”

We may often wonder if authors actually live up to the standards they outline for us in their books.  In the case of Kevin Lowry and Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck (Our Sunday Visitor, 2011), there is no doubt that he lives up to the important themes of this wonderful book.  Kevin and his wife Kathi are […]

A Road Map for Effectively Serving on Non-Profit Boards

Over my 20+ years in business, I have had the good fortune to serve on a number of non-profit boards and am grateful for the enriching experiences, people I have met and worthy causes I have served.  One of the benefits I’ve gleaned is how to effectively serve on a non-profit board.  In my earlier days, I wasn’t aware there […]