The Eclipse of Happiness

Photography © by Randy Hain

I don’t think I’d be too far wrong in saying that most people in the Western world are not happy campers at the moment. Between the riots in Greece, the Occupy >>>Insert Town/Place Here<<< movement and all the real suffering caused by the economic crisis, it is fair to say that most people’s stress level has gone up and their […]

Do we know who we are? — Humanity’s “Identity Crisis”

I’m getting old … and soft … and grumpy! I just got back from two weeks of “tenting it” and I’m hurtin’. Thirty years ago, all I needed was a backpack, sleeping bag, fishing rod and off I’d go. A lean-to would keep me dry, ferns for a mattress would comfort my sleep and the sounds of birds in the […]

What does St. Paul mean by “the flesh”?

Spirituality is really about the soul and the things of the soul.  The body and its needs do not matter.  In fact, the body is the soul’s prison.  Salvation is really the liberation of the soul from the dead weight of the body.  So in this life, physical desires are to be resisted, even extinguished, if possible.  That’s what Catholic […]

Daily Catholic Quote from St. John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

“What the soul is in the body, let Christians be in the world.” (St. John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church) Please help us in our mission to assist readers to integrate their Catholic faith, family and work. Tell your family and friends about this article using both the Share and the Recommend buttons below and via email. We […]

Tech Tools to Help Your Body and Soul Goals

Photography © by Paul Johnson

As we turn the page on another new calendar year, many of us have the desired goal of “getting in shape” for the New Year. This is definitely the case in my own life, but the more I ponder my motivations, the more I find that I’m not simply looking for physical changes in my life this year. The truth […]