The Blessing of New Life and the Culture of Death

Jenny and her boys

Have we forgotten? Each of us was first a thought in the mind of God, Who in His goodness created us in love and freedom. He created us to share eternity with Him in this life and in the life to come. This call to communion with God is the very dignity of the human person. We come alive at […]

Trying and Trusting and Being So Good…


She came home in tears, my little ballerina. She wanted the part of Clara in the dance theater production of The Nutcracker. So did about 37 other girls. Only one got the part of course, and that year it was not my daughter. I don’t normally throw celebrity quotes at my children. Because, well, normally I don’t see most celebrities […]

A Blossoming of Hope

It was late summer when I boxed up my belongings, said goodbye to family and friends, and impetuously moved from one coast to another to be with the boy who’d stolen my heart. His name was Dan, and I was completely smitten. That December he dumped me . . . for the monastery. On the outside I tried to appear […]

Praying for People We Don’t Like

I only remember going to Confession once during my four years in college.  Confession was a sacrament that I just didn’t think about much (we’ll get into that at a later date), but it became a last resort at this certain moment during my senior year.  I hadn’t even done anything particularly terrible: I was just feeling absolutely toxic because […]