The Fall of Atlan

Armenelos the Golden Artwork © by Jef Murray

Brother Aran, Charles, and Azarias spent midsummer’s eve touring the piazzas and avenues surrounding the Benedictine monastery. Brother Aran played tour guide, pointing out the many ancient and ofttimes cryptic pre-Roman structures that poked capitals and arches up through the veneer of shops, restaurants, and business suites. Charles and Azarias made full use of the monk’s expertise, prying him with […]

Fr. Barron Comments on The Two Minus One Pregnancy

“…a couple of weeks ago, I read an article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine that was so outrageous and it was so egregious, that I just several time put the magazine down… just shook my head in disbelief…” Watch and listen to Fr. Barron’s commentary on “The Two Minus One Pregnancy”. httpv:// Father Barron can be found on […]

“A Healthy Person with a Sick Soul is Still a Sick Person”

“A Healthy Person with a Sick Soul is Still a Sick Person” – St. Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927), “the holy physician of Naples”  You are an orthopedic physician, the patient is a woman in her early 40’s who you are treating for a simple fracture.  She isn’t healing properly.  You recognize signs of emotional, maybe even spiritual scars.  Out of the blue […]

Faith for Doctors, Means Faith For Us All

SEATTLE — If the Catholic Medical Association wins the battle on the frontlines in the war to preserve the culture of life, it will only happen when the rest of us better understand our faith.  If we don’t understand it, then we won’t accept what doctors, scientists, theologians or philosophers tell us is true.  The final speaker at the conference […]

Can You be a Scientist and a Person of Faith?

SEATTLE — Traveling from England, Stratford Caldecott talked about the medical implications for Catholic physicians of protecting human dignity from the moment of conception until natural death in light of Fides et Ratio, the papal document Faith and Reason.  This encyclical was promulgated by Pope John Paul II  in 1998.  For Catholic physicians, Faith and Reason, remains the Pope’s “prescription” […]

We are at War Between the Culture of Life and Death

SEATTLE — “Pope John Paul II was right, we are at war between the culture of life and the culture death,” said Dr. José-Maria Simon, President of the World Federation of the Catholic Medical Association. Dr. Simon is waging that war from Barcelona, Spain. He called upon fellow physicians at 79th annual conference of the Catholic Medical Association in Seattle, […]

Evidence of God

SEATTLE —  Some of the world’s leading theologians and philosophers presented thoughtful treatises to hundreds of physicians during the final two days of the 79th annual Catholic Medical Association education conference in Seattle.  One of the most recognizable was Robert Spitzer, S.J, PhD, former President of Gonzaga University.  Throughout the conference, the Jesuit Order was often the subject of criticism;  one presenter suggested there […]

Euthanasia Cannot Be the End of Suffering

Why do we suffer?  Can’t we just take a pill, or have a procedure, or, if we, or one of our loved ones are in terrible pain with no hope of recovering, just “compassionately” end life?    And how does the Church really define the moment of death?  What does “brain dead” really mean?  Can it even be defined?  And […]

The Practice of Medicine Cannot be Isolated from the Truth

“The Practice of Medicine Cannot be Isolated from the Truth!” An ICL Conversation with Dr. Theresa Deisher SEATTLE — The culture we live in is under assault.  Nowhere are the battles more clearly drawn than in the world of medicine. And unless Catholics step into the cultural breech, the practice of medicine might radically change in the next few years, using our most […]

To Be Human

SEATTLE — The opening session at the 79th annual Catholic Medical Association conference in Seattle was delivered by Dr. Josef Seifert and was entitled “Christian Anthropology, Connecting a Proper Anthropology with Proper Medical Practice.” Dr. Seifert is the author of over 40 books and grew up in Salzburg, Austria. The philosophical foundations laid out by Dr. Seifert pursue the goal of a […]