Paul Tillich and “The Shape of Water”

SPOILER ALERT! I knew that The Shape of Water would win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It checked three of the major Hollywood boxes: celebration of oppressed people, valorization of complete sexual freedom, and a Christian villain. It used to be that a black hat or shifty eyes or a foreign accent would give someone away as the bad […]

My Ideal Encounter With an Atheist Scientist

My ideal encounter with an atheist scientist would not be a debate on a stage. It would be in my kitchen, and the atheist scientist and I would be preparing a meal together as friends. In my ideal encounter, my friend would be another woman perhaps as I once was, unsure about God but not completely opposed to Him either. As […]

Are the Gospel Stories a Myth?

"Christ and the Woman of Samaria" (detail) by Paolo Veronese

One of the most common pronouncements by the atheists is that “Christianity is a myth.” When they say “myth” what they mean is “fairy tale” or “silly story everyone knows is untrue.” They use the term “myth” to indicate a funny story about gods and goddesses that simple people made up long ago. When they say “myth” what they really […]

They Have to Do Better Than That

“You’ve got to be kidding me?  Is this the best atheists can do?”  These were the questions running through my mind as I was monitoring a debate between former Evangelical pastor turned atheist, Dan Barker and president of the Freedom from Religion organization, and well-known Christian author and apologist Dinesh D’ Souza.  Barker is a major force behind the “just […]

The Depressing Pew Forum Study

The Catholic Church is suffering mightily today from two self-inflicted wounds. The first is the clerical sex abuse scandal, involving the gross violation of the most vulnerable members of the community by some priests and the countenancing or enabling of this crime by some bishops. This outrage has been the perfect storm. Not only has it deeply wounded young people; […]