Reaping What We’re Sowing

Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" on the Altar Wall in the Sistine Chapel Photography by Mark Armstrong

“A culture of chastity is needed now more than ever.” Before Christmas, Time Magazine named the “Silence Breakers” their 2017 Persons of the Year. Time focused fundamentally on the women who courageously came forward to bring into the light the sordid sexual abuse and harassment they had suffered silently years at the clutches of powerful entertainment and political leaders who, […]

The Church’s, and the Media’s, Response to the Graviora Delicta

On July 15, the Vatican released updated norms to handle what canon law calls “graviora delicta” or the “more serious crimes.” The publication of these new norms was occasioned above all because of calls to improve and expedite the Church’s procedures with regard to the clerical sexual abuse of minors. Since 2002, there has been particular law in the United […]

The Truth About Pope Benedict and Abuse in the Church

Many of us have been concerned, frustrated and bewildered over the reported cases of abuse in the European Church and the reporting of this crisis in the media.   The sexual abuse crisis is appalling and zero tolerance of this is the answer.  Children must be protected.  But, the unwarranted attacks on Pope Benedict XVI have exposed a heavy anti-Catholic bias in […]