Dr. Michael Naughton

Work as Vocation

Dr. Michael Naughton, Moss Endowed Chair in Catholic Social Thought; Director, John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought; Full Professor, University of St. Thomas, Catholic Studies (College of Arts and Sciences) , Ethics and Law (Opus College of Business), national speaker and Catholic author.

Dr. Michael Naughton, from the University of St. Thomas, delivered a very illuminating talk to the 2009 Atlanta Catholic Business Conference titled Beyond a Career, The Vocation of the Catholic Business Leader. Dr. Naughton started his talk by addressing the serious problem of living a “divided life.” He quoted Gaudium et spes which says, “The split between the faith which many profess and their daily lives deserves to be counted among the more serious errors of our age… Let there be no false opposition between professional and social activities on the one hand, and religious life on the other.” He then asked us to think about 3 Big Questions: (1) What am I working for? (2) What am I resting in? and (3) What am I living in?

Dr. Michael Naughton’s keynote address — February 28, 2009 (download)

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