That they may be one

Twelve Surprises About Catholicism and Evangelicalism

"Christ in Gethsemane" (detail) by Heinrich Hofmann

Over the past dozen years I’ve had the amazing and accidental opportunity to do something few Christians get to do: dive deeply into both the Catholic and Evangelical worlds.  That experience has been enlightening, confusing, encouraging, frustrating and inspiring all at once.  As a result, I’ve arrived at 12 realizations that surprised me about each side of Christianity, and the […]

Rome Speaks for Herself and She says “Catholic”

St. Peter's Basilica at Night (and Ponte Sant Angelo over the Tiber)

Much of the evidence that the Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic can be found in Rome.  How else does one explain that the Church has the greatest treasure of early Christian artifacts in the world?  I don’t mean this in an arrogant way, but more as look and see… and think.  If our Church is steeped in the relics […]

Who is Jesus? Catholicism and Islam Meet in Central Park

Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Do you want some cold water?” asked the Muslim activist calling out to me from inside his tent positioned at an entrance to Central Park in New York City. “Sure,” I said while getting off my rented bike. “Thanks,” I muttered while taking a much needed drink on a hot July day. “Would like a pamphlet?  We’re here to spread […]

Ancient Church Bells Tolling

“We’re the most tolerant society in the world here,” said the taxi driver as I made my way from the train station to my hotel. He seemed friendly, dressed in old clothes with a shaggy beard and a tattered cap turned backwards on his head.  I decided to ask him something about the Netherlands and Amsterdam, the port city on […]

The Lost Chalice

Written somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean… The church bell rang out loudly, like a glorious sound, over the hillside of this historic town.  I heard it proudly ringing across the water that separated my hotel from the city square.   For my European colleague who lives in Amsterdam, it was a normal sound, signaling the noon hour – time for lunch. […]

Turning Point

“I have cancer.” Steven and I were pouring ourselves a coffee during a break at work over a year ago when he told me his news.  The words chilled the air of an already cold winter day and broke the silence of the morning routine.  The calm with which he told me about his cancer, while stirring his coffee, reminded […]

A Candle in a Dark World

“I just wanted to light a candle…” I thought as I scanned the ancient stone walls of the Cathedral.  My eyes gazed at the sheer beauty of the Gothic-style architecture built over 1,000 years ago.  Just then a brisk rush of wind filled the entrance as another traveler stopped in to look around.  I decided to walk slowly down the […]