I Should Have Said No

Photography by John Neff | Shutterstock

I should have said no. But when I said yes, I felt POWERFUL. I felt NEEDED. I felt SOUGHT AFTER. I felt DESIRED. Now, I just feel TIRED. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. That’s something my mother told me long ago when I was a teenager. Constantly trying to get me to cut back on […]

What to tell the girls about motherhood and career…

The whole Wallace family at “Dr. Mom’s” graduation from LSU with PhD. The girls told me they were proud of me. The only thing I really remember about the ceremony is when I was called across stage to get the degree… I heard the girls yell, “We love you Momma!” Well, I love you to the moon and back!

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Atlanta Catholic Business Conference sponsored by The Integrated Catholic Life, EWTN, Belmont Abbey College and the Aquinas Center of Theology. It was a blessing to be among such faith-filled working Catholic laity, living in the truth by integrating their faith and all areas of their lives, including their work. I spoke about […]

You Say it Best…By Saying Nothing

A Woman at Prayer

This month, though it is a month of gratitude, I have struggled with the vice of envy.  This is something I struggle with daily, actually.  But I was really trying to focus on gratitude this month, especially reading all of the “30 Days of Gratitude” posts on Facebook.  Uh…yea, I didn’t do it that way. Sometimes, when you practice virtue, […]

Works of Mercy in the Workplace

The Gospel of Luke gives us a clear definition of who our neighbor is, and how we are called to love our neighbor, illustrated by Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan.  What a great reminder that our Lord calls us to the path of love through the virtue of compassion and of mercy. Throughout the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus continues […]

Taking a Vacation WITHOUT Taking a Vacation from the Faith

There are times in my past when a vacation would apply to all areas of my life:  leave from work, leave from routine, leave from Sunday Mass.  Growing in my faith has taught me a vacation is the perfect opportunity to slow down and keep God at the center of my heart. As a Catholic momma who works outside of […]

The Nest Begins to Empty

As I was addressing my daughter’s high school graduation invitations last night, I began to reminisce about the journey my daughter has taken in life.  I find it difficult to put into words how proud I am of her: knowing her struggles, knowing her convictions, knowing her faith, knowing her success despite it all.  My sweet baby girl, so young […]

Joyful at Work

How often do we do something beautiful for God at work?  I mean, not the ordinary things we do at work, but the times when we think of God, and move forward with joy, and intentionally do our work with the idea that our work is something beautiful for God. Consider the plethora of opportunities you have during the day […]

Run and Tell That – All Part of the New Evangelization

"Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene" by Alexander Ivanov

One of the things I like most in the Bible is that there are so many Mary’s, and it seems as if Christ was close to them all.  It makes me wonder about my grandmother, Edna Mary.  Was she close to Him as well?  I mean, was her heart connected to His Sacred Heart?  She is certainly the person in […]

I loved him before I knew him

Pope Francis, Prayer on the Loggia, March 13, 2013

“We have WHITE SMOKE!” I screamed as I was in my office at work, with several students around the work-table crunching numbers from the student government election. My heart was pounding and my mind was going in a million different directions. I knew we had about an hour or so before we would see the new Papa on the balcony, […]

The Everyday Example of Mary – Especially for Women Who Work

"Pentecost" (Detail of Mary) by Jean Restout

As women who work, we reflect on our leadership in the workforce. In the work world, we are taught that the leadership equation includes winning, managing, competition, with “me” at the center of it all:  my next promotion; my next acquisition; my next big step. For women striving to do God’s Holy Will, the work world can be tricky and […]