The Lifestyle of Catholicism

"Sermon on the Mount" by Bloch

For the first Christians, Christianity was a lifestyle. They shared a common life. Living in community, they often worked together, prayed together, and studied the Scriptures together. Their faith was the center of their lives and it affected everything they did. They shared meals together, played together, and cared for each other in sickness. They allowed the principles of the […]

What Do You Want From Life?

Photography © by Andy Coan

“What do you want from life?” has become a regular part of my dialogue with friends, colleagues, loved ones, and strangers on planes. I ask it as a tool to help me to understand others, and I ask it to further understand myself.. For the most part, the answers people tend to give are vague and general, not at all […]

Are You Thriving…or Just Surviving?

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it to the fullest” (John 10:10).  The path that leads to “fullness of life” is discipline. There are four major aspects of the human person – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. When we eat well, exercise often, and sleep regularly, we feel more fully alive physically. When we […]

Our Happiness

The human heart is on a quest for happiness. Every person yearns for happiness like the desert yearns for rain. You have a desire for happiness, I have a desire for happiness. This desire is universal, common to every member of the human family. We simply desire to be happy, and we act from this desire. We often do things […]

An Authentic Life

There is a cultural fatigue which is creating a hopelessness in the lives of more and more people everyday, and from the midst of that fatigue and hopelessness they are crying out for help. More than ever, our non-Christian and non-practicing brothers and sisters are sending you, me, and all of Christianity a message. Though they are probably not aware of […]

Who Does Your Life Intrigue?

Two thousand years ago, a small group of people captured the attention and fascinated the imagination of the entire western world. At first, they were thought to be of no consequence, the followers of a man most people considered to be nothing more than an itinerant preacher. But when this man was put to death, a dozen of his followers […]