Five Attitudes We Have Toward Football that We Should Have Toward Church

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, San Francisco North Beach Photography © by Andy Coan

In my days as an evangelical Christian (and even occasionally in my decade as a Catholic), I have heard many a pastor suggest that we would get a lot more out of our attendance at Church if we treated it with the same enthusiasm we display toward sporting events. Some of these pastors, no doubt, would like to see the […]

Album Review: The Symphony and the Static by Fr. Pontifex

A lot has happened since Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns, AKA Fr Pontifex, released his first full-length studio album, Ordained.  His rap debut was a mix of blues, jazz, Motown and backpacker beats that was a refreshing departure both musically and lyrically from typical top-40 hip hop fare.   But after Christian evangelist Jefferson Bethke’s spoken word video, Why I Love Jesus, […]

One Catholic Media Person’s Experience of Covering Breaking Papal History

I went to bed on Sunday, February 10, all keyed up for a busy week as a member of the Catholic media.  After all, Ash Wednesday was mere days away, and for someone with plenty of segments to cover, this meant that the news drought between the March for Life and Lent would be over, and I’d not have to […]

On Accidentally Smashing One’s Idols

I broke my smartphone, but not on purpose. Perhaps it should have been on purpose- as someone prone to the perils of workaholism, I had developed the tendency to check the thing far more than necessary.  It wasn’t the smartphone’s fault; before, when I had been the slightly embarrassed owner of a more conventional and less tricked-out flip phone, my […]

Lessons from the Front Pew

I’m a convert to Catholicism, but I bring with me many of the traits that marked my life as an evangelical: a deep love of scripture, a desire to evangelize, and the tendency to sit toward the back of the Church.  Like many others, I hold that the paradoxical subconscious view that the best seats at any public gathering are […]

Perceptions: An Interview with Priest and Rapper – Fr. Pontifex

Fr. Claude Burns is a pastor at Holy Spirit Church in Evansville, IN.  However, many outside of his parish know him as Fr. Pontifex, a rapper whose frankness, orthodoxy and engaging style has made him a rising star in the ever-emerging genre of Catholic hip-hop.  In his first full length release, “Ordained,” Fr. Pontifex’s songs range from the autobiographical to […]

Now That You’re A Convert

So, you finally got up the nerve.  At last, reservation after reservation was entertained and dismissed, and you took the risk of potentially alienating family members and provoking uncomfortable questions from co-workers.  You decided to become the kind of member of the Catholic Church that will be known forever as the few, the odd, the converts. When it’s used as […]

Peace: Tax Deductible?

“I saved Latin,” boasts the character of Max Fischer in the movie Rushmore. In many ways, in my own life, the opposite has been true; Latin has saved me.  One of my personal favorite mental exercises that has borne a superabundance of fruit is my interest in etymology, the study of word origins.  Reflecting on the roots of various terms […]

Thee and Thou in the Here and Now

Being at least partially, though unwillingly, a product of modernity, I somewhat understand the forced evolution of language. While the generations before us melted words over decades, following the natural flow of tribal vernacular that morphed ‘Caesar’ into ‘Czar’ or ‘Kaiser,’ today’s progressive culture has pushed the hand of language to eliminate and replace language at an even more rapid […]