Thanks, Guardian Angel!

Spiritual Guide, “Hurriquake” Protector, Boogieman Defender: Thanks, Guardian Angel! In the wake of surviving unscathed an earthquake and a hurricane in one week, I have one more suggestion to add to Annie Mitchell’s wonderful article Make me Holy… Guardian Angels. First, because devotion to Guardian Angels is so easily overlooked and secondly, because my angel deserves a little recognition for […]

Wind-Up Toy Soldiers

I’m sitting at home sick on a Saturday night. On one hand it’s a nice break, but on the other hand I’m sitting here contemplating my newfound free time and my to-do list. From the mundane achievable: must clean ALL the things; to the more ambitious: must learn French; to the more … lofty shall we say: I’m not doing […]

Leave Them Wondering

Grandma advice is the best stuff in the world. “Katie, be a little mysterious and leave them wondering,” she told me as she expertly peeled potatoes with her perfectly manicured hands. I’d giggle and sip on Country Time lemonade at her kitchen table and dream about all the boys I would one day dazzle. Fast forward a dozen or so […]

The Ambassador from Fairyland

Every Christmas morning at my house, we wake up at the ridiculous hour of 5 a.m. Every year, my sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed dad pulls himself out of bed, shushes the littler Walker kids and tells them to wait at the top of the stairs, while, every year, he says he’s just going to run downstairs ahead of us to turn […]

A Religion You Couldn’t Have Guessed – Thoughts on Rome

We wound through cobble stone streets into piazza after piazza. We ducked into glorious church after glorious church wallpapered in masterpieces and lined with artifacts, bones and the occasional saintly arm. After miles of walking, our feet felt like we were wearing the latest in hot skillets instead of sandles, but we pushed on. Past the magnificence of the Colosseum, […]

Answering the Tough Ones: Personhood and the Death Penalty

A few weeks ago, I gave a speech on personhood, human rights and the pro-life movement back in my home turf of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. There is very little that is more nerve-wracking than going back home and giving a speech to several hundred of the people who once wiped your nose, taught you Latin and helped you make your first […]