The Spreading Cancer of Relativism and What to Do about It

Moral relativism takes the position that there are no universal moral truths that can be said to govern all human behavior. Instead morality is relative to social, cultural, historical or personal circumstances. In this philosophy decisions would be based on: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  “Your truth is not my truth.”  “Live and let live.” How problematic […]

The Moral Anarchy of the Modern World

“Morality is the glue that holds society together… Ethical/moral relativism undermines that glue…This philosophy is an intellectual failure… yet it is extremely influential in contemporary culture,” says Fr. Kevin Azubuike Iwuoha in his as-yet-unpublished, 400-page doctoral thesis, completed in May, 2012. After a year of intensive research into the philosophy of relativism, Fr. Kevin defended his thesis before a panel […]

The Fiery Furnace

Artwork © by Judith Costello

These three young men are written about in the Bible (Daniel 3:1-96). They were Jewish but the pagan king changed their names and trained them to work for him. The young men, along with Daniel, kept up the practices of the Hebrews. When the king told them to worship  a golden statue, they refused. In a rage, the king had […]

A Mom’s Reflection on Bench-Warming and Basketball

For nine years my son has practiced basketball for six to nine months out of every year. Usually at the end of the season we, as a family, wonder why we allowed him to do it! All those long days at school for practice time. All those even longer days of C team, JV team and then Varsity games. All […]

Understanding the Spiritual Works of Mercy

It used to be required that all young Catholics memorize the Works of Mercy as an ever-present mandate for how we are to live. But nowadays, memorization is forgotten and most people only know a couple of the Corporal Works. Do you remember—feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, bury the dead? Yet, our world is in desperate need of the […]

Jesus’ Feet

A teenager posed for this image of Mary and Jesus. She held her baby brother who played with his feet while looking toward heaven! It seemed the perfect pose… Jesus probably played with His toes too! Did He know then that His feet would be pierced by spikes? His feet would carry Him from village to village where He preached […]

Tested by Fire

Artwork © by Judith Costello

There is a story from the Old Testament that has captured my imagination…a story of courage and wonder, of fear and grace. But as an artist, I had to let it develop. Eventually I asked three boys who have been my catechism students to pose for me, as well as my son, Peter. I have a painting to share about […]

Three Against the Elements

Background Note: My family and I live in rural New Mexico, surrounded by animals and big skies. Mountains dot the edge of the world for us. It’s beautiful here but not always easy. Still, the rural life sheds a steady light on the ultimate Source from which we draw our strength.  “In the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from […]