The Mind of a Woman

Gazing into my newborn son’s eyes told me in an instant what I’d suspected for years: intellectual stimulation is not a prerequisite for contentment. What more could any woman want for than to be the recipient of this precious soul’s love and the provider of his care? The argument that to be “whole” a woman must also have a career lost […]

A Blossoming of Hope

It was late summer when I boxed up my belongings, said goodbye to family and friends, and impetuously moved from one coast to another to be with the boy who’d stolen my heart. His name was Dan, and I was completely smitten. That December he dumped me . . . for the monastery. On the outside I tried to appear […]

Eyes of Humility

My family and I recently moved into a little home that, had we purchased it, would be considered a “fixer-upper.” We’re no longer homeowners though, so we’ve taken to referring to this little home of ours by the bay (the latest in a long string of rentals) as “crumbly” (a euphemism selected by my optimistic husband Dan). Our modest abode […]