Humility and Suffering

Photography © by Andy Coan

Holy Week is a week where we are reminded of the inextricable link between humility and suffering.  Christ’s passion radically embodies the surrendering of self-will to God’s-will, the hurt of unjust humiliation and the willingness to embrace the suffering of the cross. Suffering Towards and Not Away From Christ Every person experiences suffering during this… Continue reading Humility and Suffering

Moral Hazards in the Marketplace

Exterior moral hazards abound these days.  From individuals to financial institutions to sovereign nations, it seems that there is an increasing need to be bailed-out and to have debt forgiveness. Moral hazards most often occur when parties who are largely insulated from risk behave differently from the way they would normally behave if they were… Continue reading Moral Hazards in the Marketplace

Our Deficit and the Moral Imperative to Deal with It

Like it or not, Washington D.C.’s debt is our debt.  And we the people must see our nation’s financial house for what it is ─ a financial fiasco that needs great moral courage and decisive action. For too long we have kicked the “deficit can” down the road and avoided facing financial reality and making… Continue reading Our Deficit and the Moral Imperative to Deal with It

America’s Budget Deficit and Our Moral Crisis

Will Rogers once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to quit digging.” Regrettably, America has fiscally dug itself into a national debt which now publicly stands at $14.3 trillion dollars.  What’s more, this is the week that we were supposed to raise the debt ceiling, yet again, in… Continue reading America’s Budget Deficit and Our Moral Crisis

Judas’ Greatest Sin

Editor’s Note: Wednesday of Holy Week (Holy Wednesday) is sometimes referred to in the Western Church as “Spy Wednesday” for tradition has it that on this day, Judas plotted with the authorities to arrest Jesus. Armed with lanterns, torches and weapons and accompanied by a band of soldiers and guards from the chief priests and… Continue reading Judas’ Greatest Sin

Placing People Over Profits

Short-term profits and “pay for performance” carry far more weight in our capitalistic system than does “doing the right thing” and placing people over profits.  Truly, the current hallmark of capitalism is making a profit and not ethical conduct. Wall Street offers little consolation for those companies who may have taken current charges against profitability… Continue reading Placing People Over Profits

What’s Mine is Yours

A closer look at “private property” and our obligations to others My young daughter Elizabeth has a favorite tee-shirt that boldly proclaims, “The Toddler Laws of Property”: If I like it, it’s mine; If it’s in my hand, it’s mine; If I had it a little while ago it’s mine; If it looks just like… Continue reading What’s Mine is Yours