No New Evangelization without a New Pentecost

Holy Spirit Detail of Chair of St. Peter

From my position of working in the Church, I’d say the question of the year has been “What exactly is the New Evangelization?” Everyone is asking it. Conferences are popping up like spring flowers spotting the landscape, with the customary “expert” itinerant speaker. Most people, I think, are finding their way to the right answer. We have begun to recognize […]

The New Evangelization: Not a Strategy or Program, but a Person – Part 2

In the mystery of his death and resurrection, God has revealed in its fullness the Love that saves and calls us to conversion of life through the forgiveness of sins (cf. Acts 5:31). For Saint Paul, this Love ushers us into a new life: “We were buried … with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised […]

The New Evangelization: Not a Strategy or Program, but a Person – Part 1

“God is opening before the Church the horizons of a humanity more fully prepared for the sowing of the Gospel. I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization and to the mission ad gentes. No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim […]

The Pro-Life Movement and the Culture of Death: Are we fighting fire with fire?

In the fight against the culture of death, are our words enough? Is a political movement of people enough? Is protest enough? These are questions that need to be asked, especially in the wake of this year’s March for Life in Washington, DC. This article will hopefully articulate my response to these questions based upon the experiences I’ve had with […]

You Don’t Own It

"Christ at 33" - by Hofmann

“Own Your Faith.” You’ve probably heard that before.  Or, if you’re like me, you’ve given out the command.  Now, I’m seriously questioning it. The problem with using the verb “own” is that it means having it all, possessing it, and if  possessing it, then exercising dominion over it.  We know this from daily life.  I own my car.  It is […]

The Certainty We Await

JesusChrist the King, the Alpha and the Omega

There I sat, waiting. I was in a strange place (by this, I mean a restaurant I don’t normally go to), waiting for a teen I did not know very well. He was only a few minutes late, but those few minutes taught me a great deal about waiting and about certainty. As the clock ticked past 4pm, and I […]

Catholic Cop-outs

Catholic clichés are vapid.  They exhibit a lackadaisical attitude toward the faith, and consequently, the way it is taught. Anna Mitchell, a good friend of mine and Catholic radio personality, recently took up the topic of limiting preaching to action in her December article, “Use Words When Necessary”.  I would like to toss in another classic cop-out:  the problem of […]

HHS Mandate, Three Resulting Temptations, and the Virtue of Hope

Cowardice, Hatred, Indifference When an intruder encroaches, one may crawl deeper into the trenches, afraid to face that which terrifies.  Often fear takes a more subtle, latent form.  In the case of the President Obama administration’s mandate, the temptation facing the Church is one of deep, inner-fear.  Fear can be positive in that it points to the real thing causing […]

The Freedom of Astonishment

“And they were astonished…”  (Mark 1:22) To be “astonished,” a word coming from the Greek ekplēssō, means to be struck with amazement.  When are we struck with amazement? A good example of astonishment would be the birth of a child.  Here, the very being of the child is displayed… this new, unrepeatable, completely unique human being is thrust into the […]

The Clown and the Fire: Just Blowing Smoke?

I am notorious for ambitious reading.  Thus, I have about seven books going right now.  One of the books is Introduction to Christianity by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became Pope Benedict XVI.  Not surprisingly, I haven’t moved beyond the Introduction.  But that is okay, because it contains much for the mind to chomp on.  And mind-chomping takes time. One […]