I Watched as Lent Ended Quietly

A few years back I happened to be in downtown Cincinnati for a job interview in the early afternoon on Holy Thursday.  At that point in time, God’s plan was not exactly clear to me yet – I had no idea where my life was heading – and so after the interview I decided to go to the chapel in […]

Five Little Words at Mass

I remember quite clearly the first time I heard bells being rung during the consecration.  I got chills. I thought it was beautiful: It sounds dramatic, but it was as if I woke up and realized that God was in front of me – a goosebump-worthy experience, for sure. Shouldn’t we get chills every time we witness this miracle at […]

It’s Not Rote Just Because Someone Else Wrote It

It drives me crazy when I hear someone complain about how relentlessly devoted Catholics are to “rote” prayer, especially the Rosary or the Mass. I’ve never quite understood how meditating on the mysteries of the life of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of His Mother, is devoid of meaning (and don’t get me started on the Mass); but let’s, […]

A Young Adult’s Take on the Election

As a young news reporter for a Catholic network, I have three perspectives on the midterm election, and I intend to share all of them: first my thoughts as a Catholic, then as a reporter, then as a young person. For a Catholic, the midterm election this year seems pretty encouraging.  There were many pro-life politicians who won their way […]

Reclaiming L-O-V-E

  I think it might be the result of being friends with five current and former chastity educators, but I have found myself noticing more and more the negative influences our culture has put on our perception of love. Case in point: Recently I was on a tour with a few friends and about 50 other people.  One of those […]

We’re Young, We’re like Totally Hip…and We’re Needed

I recently decided, more or less on a whim, to be a Sunday school teacher at my parish.  I saw an e-mail asking for new instructors, so I called and volunteered.  I’ve also recently decided to help out more with junior high ministry at the parish that sponsors my young adult group.  These commitments may turn out to be quite […]

Praying for People We Don’t Like

I only remember going to Confession once during my four years in college.  Confession was a sacrament that I just didn’t think about much (we’ll get into that at a later date), but it became a last resort at this certain moment during my senior year.  I hadn’t even done anything particularly terrible: I was just feeling absolutely toxic because […]