Jesus’ Feet

jesus-feetA teenager posed for this image of Mary and Jesus. She held her baby brother who played with his feet while looking toward heaven! It seemed the perfect pose…

Jesus probably played with His toes too! Did He know then that His feet would be pierced by spikes?

His feet would carry Him from village to village where He preached and healed. His feet, covered in blood, would carry Him to the moment when history changed. When salvation was won!  When the gates of heaven were opened.

His feet would carry all of us… lifting us upward. Through the work of His Church and His constant presence with us, we feel His feet too.

Celebrate the wonder of the Incarnation! Kiss the feet of His children!

Bless us, O Lord, our God!

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Judith Costello, MA, OCDS was a Catholic Worker and a catechist as a young adult. Then the feminist movement called to her during the 1970s-1990s and she fell away from the faith. She was sure, during those years that being a "good person" was all that God expects of us. Over the years, pride and politics took her farther and farther from the truth that God asks us to live in virtue, offer sacrifices, and come closer to Him in the sacraments.

After a divorce, Judith met a man who encouraged her to to Come Home. Judith and Jurgen now live on a small farm with two teenagers and lots of animals. Along with the children, Judith is active in the Church as a catechist, lector and sacristan. They take care of Jurgen who is now in poor health. Judith is a secular Carmelite and author of two books on Prayer and Mariology. She writes curriculum lessons for Her artwork in featured at and on Facebook. Judith blogs at

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