Set Your Teen Up for a Life Of Virtue

In the style of Dorothy Sayers, I write this post to help parents raise their teenagers to be virtuous adults. While my kids are younger, I was once a teen myself. Furthermore, I teach eighth and ninth grades, which means I am around teenagers a lot. Still, I find myself lower in degree of experience of those who are tasked with educating […]

The Good Samaritan by Eugene Delacroix

Keeping Teens Involved in the Practice of the Faith

I spoke to a group of teens who were preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Confirmation is generally administered to 10th graders in the Atlanta Archdiocese. The format of the talk was “Stump the Deacon!”  It is one of the things I do in education that I most enjoy.  The teens had written questions before I arrived and had placed them […]

Introducing Teens to Good Friends

Sometimes it seems as though teenagers are not from this planet. No offense.  I was once a teen myself. And at one point, five of our ten children were teens all at once. Fun times. As any parent knows, teens’ friends influence them.  That is why it’s good to acquaint them with friends who really aren’t on this planet. Author […]

Revitalizing the Faith of Our Teens

For decades, the stage has been set by voices in the Church for a more profound understanding of the urgent need to turn focus and evangelizing and catechizing efforts toward young people, who are exhibiting unique generational trends in this modern cultural climate. Grasping the significance of these generational traits (and simply knowing of their existence to begin with) is […]

Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

As a teen growing up in a Catholic family, living in one of the most Catholic area of the US, I never would have considered abandoning my faith.  But I also never would have considered getting excited about my faith either.  Why should I?  Nobody else in my parish seemed to be excited.  The teens in the parish went wild […]

Saintly Survival

There’s a bit of a theological disagreement when it comes to heaven.  Some believe we will understand all of life’s mysteries and have all our questions answered there. Others expect we will be basking in the glory of the Almighty which will satisfy all desires. Curiosity will simply not exist. My guess is the latter theory is most likely, but […]