Book Review: Extreme Makeover (Teresa Tomeo)

If knowledge is, as they say, power, then you will find great empowerment in Teresa Tomeo’s latest book Extreme Makeover (Ignatius Press, October 2011). Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ Not Conformed to the Culture offers an excellent combination of facts, statistics, and personal testimonies to make this the sort of book that any reader will find valuable. Relying on […]

The New Curriculum: Reading, Writing, and Self-esteem

Are we over inflating our children’s self-esteem?  Is everything they do actually “amazing”?  Does getting a trophy for simply participating on a sports team really set them up for success in the real world?  I have been struggling with this concept as my sons have been growing up and I see all around us an unhealthy tendency to never let kids […]