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ICL Contributing Writer Mark Armstrong on SonRise Morning Show and EWTN

Hear Contributing Writer Mark Armstrong on the SonRise Morning Show with Brian Patrick on EWTN Radio today, November 16th at 8:40a.m. EST . He will discuss his most recent ICL article and the Feast Day of St. Guiseppe Moscati, Patron of Physicians.  Here is a link to listen to the radio interview online: Click on “Listen Online” Print this […]

Randy Hain to be Interviewed on Sacred Heart Radio this Monday

Integrated Catholic Life Senior Editor and Co-founder Randy Hain will be interviewed on the Brian Patrick Son Rise Morning Show this Monday (September 13th) at 6:45 am Eastern Time (USA).  Randy will be discussing his recent article, Escape from Apathy-ville, and the need for all of us to engage in defending our Catholic faith. You can listen online to Randy […]