Why your Lenten plan won’t save you

Every time Lent rolls around, I know it’s my chance to start over. Whether it’s strengthening my prayer life, stripping my daily routine of clutter and distraction, eradicating a bad habit, or building new good habits, Lent is the time to transform things. I make a plan. I make intentional decisions that will get me holy. And then I fail. […]

Travel Lessons for Life: Planning and Letting Go

Life should be approached the same way one approaches a trip to Rome. If you have been to Rome, you know that the only predictable thing about a trip to Rome is the unpredictability.  A store will close when you need it opened, a funeral will be happening in a church you wanted to visit, the Pope will decide to […]

Spiritual Kudzu and the Beauty of Surrender

  My sister recently shared with me an article on the Bradford pear—that seemingly innocuous but definitely ubiquitous white flowering tree. It seems that it was introduced by the Department of Agriculture in 1964, and due to a lack of foresight, is now an environmental nightmare.  Among other things, the trees are sterile and therefore only cross-pollinate with other vegetation, […]