Pillars of Unbelief

The Pillars of Unbelief — Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre

Sartre — apostle of absurdity Jean-Paul Sartre may be the most famous atheist of the 20th century. As such, he qualifies for anyone’s short list of “pillars of unbelief.” Yet he may have done more to drive fence-sitters toward the faith than most Christian apologists. For Sartre has made atheism such a demanding, almost unendurable, experience that few can bear […]

The Pillars of Unbelief — Marx

Karl Marx

Marx – false Moses for the masses Among the many opponents of the Christian faith, Marxism is certainly not the most important, imposing or impressive philosophy in history. But it has, until recently, clearly been the most influential. A comparison of 1917, 1947 and 1987 world maps will show how inexorably this system of thought flowed so as to inundate one-third […]

The Pillars of Unbelief — Freud

Sigmund Freud

Freud — founder of the “sexual revolution” He was the “Columbus” of the psyche. No psychologist alive escapes his influence. Yet, along with flashes of genius, we find the most bizarre ideas in his writings — e.g., that mothers cuddle their babies only as a substitute for their desire to have sexual intercourse with them. Sigmund Freud’s most influential teaching […]

The Pillars of Unbelief — Nietzsche

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Nietzsche – self-proclaimed “Anti-Christ” Friedrich Nietzsche called himself “the Anti-Christ,” and wrote a book by that title. He argued for atheism as follows: “I will now disprove the existence of all gods. If there were gods, how could I bear not to be a god? Consequently, there are no gods.” He scorned reason as well as faith, often deliberately contradicted himself, […]

The Pillars of Unbelief — Kant

Kant — subjectivizer of Truth Few philosophers in history have been so unreadable and dry as Immanuel Kant. Yet few have had a more devastating impact on human thought. Kant’s devoted servant, Lumppe, is said to have faithfully read each thing his master published, but when Kant published his most important work, “The Critique of Pure Reason,” Lumppe began but […]

The Pillars of Unbelief — Machiavelli

Machiavelli – inventor of “the new morality” We need to talk about “enemies” of the faith because the life of faith is a real war. So say all the prophets, Apostles, martyrs and our Lord Himself. Yet, we try to avoid talking about enemies. Why? Partly because of our fear of confusing spiritual with material enemies; of hating the sinner […]