Surpass the Pharisees — Cut it Off!

Photography © by Andy Coan

The sham holiness of the Pharisees was hard on others sin but made excuses for its own faults.The sham holiness of the Pharisees was hard on others sin but made excuses for its own faults. We so often condemn the Pharisees that we totally miss a sneaky way that we are often like them.  The hard saying of Jesus “if […]

One Sin to Rule Them All

How did the Pharisees, who were God’s champions in the days of the Maccabees, become the villains who sought the death of God’s son?  They were deformed by an insidious spiritual disease that is the deadliest of the seven deadly or capital sins – pride. Reflection on the Mass readings for the Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) — Malachi […]

The Radical Rabbi and The Greatest Commandment

Photography © by Andy Coan

When his enemies quiz him about what commandment is the greatest, Jesus reveals just how radical he really is.  His answer goes to the very root of every single one of the 613 commandments found in the law of the Old Testament – the distinct kind of divine love known as charity or agape. Reflection on the Mass readings for […]

A Reflection on the Desire to Feel Superior

On a rainy afternoon not too long ago, I took the kids to grab a bite to eat at the large food warehouse near our house.  We were all a bit stir crazy from being cooped up, so the seven of us braved the hellish weather with nary a yellow slicker or umbrella. (In our family, slickers, rain boots, and […]

The Pharisees’ Pride

Editor’s Note: Reflection on the Mass readings for the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) – Malachi 1:14–2:2, 8-10; Psalms 131:1, 2, 3; First Thessalonians 2:7-9, 13; Matthew 23:1-12 – This series appears each Wednesday. A hundred and fifty years before Christ, they were the good guys.  The Greeks were in charge and decided that, if they were to unify their […]

Daily Quote from St. Margaret of Cortona

“My daughter, I see more Pharisees among Christians than there were around Pilate.”   (St. Margaret of Cortona) Please help us in our mission to assist readers to integrate their Catholic faith, family and work. Tell your family and friends about this article using both the Recommend and Share buttons below and via email. We value your comments and encourage […]