The Nature of Music and the Soul

The Nature of Music and the Soul by Matthew Cole Austin and Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg “…when lawlessness has established itself there [in music and poetry], it flows over little by little into character and ways of life.” Plato, Republic 424d # # # The world is changing and we have become progressively desensitized to the increasing temptations available to us […]

A priest, his music, and evangelizing the culture

Why would a Catholic priest spend his valuable free time recording music? That’s one question that Father Kevin McGoldrick probably gets quite frequently.  As chaplain of Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee, he certainly lives in the right city for writing and recording songs. But how can a talent that once saw him playing in clubs in Philadelphia in the 1990s […]

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Dominican Sisters, Mater Eucharistiae, and Awesomeness

I used to think it must be so boooooorrrrrriiiinnnnng to be a religious sister. I mean, what would you do for fun? Pray? I’ve come a long way since those days. Now, I struggle not to see religious life as so much better and holier than the messy chaos my life sometimes seems to embody hourly. And I try not […]

Fr. Barron on Bob Dylan in China

Editor’s Note: In a recent article, Maureen Dowd criticized Bob Dylan for what she saw as his caving to the Chinese authorities and not singing his protest songs during his tour in China.  Fr. Robert Barron examines Dylan’s play list at his China concerts and comes away with a much different take –  Bob Dylan highlighted his most explicitly Christian […]

An Unexpected Advent of the Messiah

The setting was not a stable in Bethlehem, but Macy’s Department Store in Philadelphia.  The time was not Christmas, but October 30, 2010 at high noon.  The attendants were not shepherds, but shoppers.  The singers were not angels, but 650 choristers from 28 different participating organizations.  Nonetheless, in this secular setting, the Messiah arrived and brought joy and good cheer […]

Ave Verum Corpus video

My cousin, David, sent me this Youtube link to a performance of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus conducted by Leonard Bernstein. “Ave Verum Corpus natum de Maria Virgine…” “Hail, True Body, born of the Virgin Mary…” Simply magnificent! Here is only an approximate English translation, more literal than poetic: Hail, true body, born of the Virgin Mary, Who truly suffered, sacrificed on […]