The Church’s Weighty Call to Women

"The Crowning of the Virgin by the Trinity" (detail) by Velázquez

It is an odd time to be a woman.  Never before have women had the freedom and opportunities that I have; at the same time, never before has the identity of woman been so confused.  It is no surprise, then, that Pope Francis has called for a “theology of woman.” The purpose of the Women’s March on Washington still remains […]

The Waning Value of Men

Father and his son

I began my theological studies at a mainline Protestant seminary during the height of the third wave of feminism.  By that time, the classification of sex and gender into two distinct forms of male and female had been thrown out the window along with most moral distinctions regarding sexual activities.  And Feminist Theology had taken hold of every corner of […]

Book Review: The Privilege of Being a Woman by Alice von Hildebrand

Not found on Oprah’s Book List and probably not on the New York Times bestseller list, The Privilege of Being a Woman effectively dismantles the post-modern ideal of womanhood, femaleness and the so-called feminist creed. This book could really irritate Gloria Steinem because it extols humility. Using her extensive knowledge of theology and philosophy, Dr. von Hildebrand builds her argument […]

The Value of Women

  While walking through a men’s-only dormitory at Texas A&M University I once noticed that someone had written upon his door in capitalized white chalk letters, “I WANT MY RIB BACK!”  At the time I laughed thinking that despite this young man’s obviously wounded pride he was still able to maintain his sense of humor.  It wasn’t until several years […]

Craving Burnt Toast on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be painful for women without children. We yearn to read the flowery cards and exclaim over mysterious, clumsily wrapped packages. Of course, I’m delighted each year when my nieces send me cards, but still I look back at my younger self and say: “Girl, what were you thinking?” What were you thinking when you became so embroiled […]

Zero Population Growth

When my grandfather died in May of 2008, the possessions that meant the most to his adult children – almost all of them grandparents themselves – were things like the embroidered tablecloth filled with family member’s names or the crucifix that hung above his bed.  His wife, my beloved grandmother, preceded him in death by ten years and yet at […]

The Truth About Feminism

When I tell people I’m an ex-feminist, I get a strange array of responses. Some people look shocked and offended, as if I were suggesting that the world is not round. Others get a look of joy upon their faces as if they are thinking, “Oh, how wonderful that someone else feels the same way I do!” I am certainly […]