December by Candlelight

Photography Courtesy of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

Every day we look forward to the gift of another dawn as the sun begins to peek through the curtain of the night to bring the vibrancy of color back to us yet again. It is a ritual of sorts, isn’t it? When the first blush of the dawn greets the dark cloak of the night sky and slowly but […]

Advent: Letting Go of our Expectations

This year, Advent isn’t going as I had hoped, not even close.  I had promised myself that we wouldn’t overdo anything—baking, decorating, planning, shopping.  I wanted the liturgical season to be experienced with joyful and eager hope, rather than the frenzied flurry of pre-Christmas planning that tends to occupy the weeks preceding Christmas Day. Despite the fact that my family […]

Great Expectations

At the end of last Christmas, as we bid farewell to our visitors and reluctantly packed away the tinsel, the ornaments, and our treasured nativity sets I vowed—in my typical cynicism—to write an article the following Advent about disappointed expectations. It seems as though every year my family and I go into the Advent season with magical memories of Christmases […]

The Dilemma of the Would-be Job Seeker

Have you recently received a call from a recruiter about a new opportunity that got you thinking?  Perhaps you’re feeling underappreciated by your boss.  Are there few opportunities for professional growth at your company?  Is it experiencing financial challenges that have impacted your income and benefits?  Have the leaders failed to inspire you because of a lack of vision?  Maybe […]