end of life

Beauty of the Soul

“Let us go forth to see ourselves in Thy beauty.” Yes, a little tiny human embryo has an immortal soul, infused into it by God at conception. Of all the wonders of the world, of all that is pleasing to the eye, of all that the ear can hear, there is nothing , one as beautiful as the soul of […]

The Star

The Star – by Jef Murray A Tale of an Aging Mother and her Son His mother was propped up in bed; seemingly in the same position as when he’d left her two days before. Her eyes fluttered open. “Sam! Have you come to take me home?” He sighed and pulled a chair up beside her. Through the window above her bed, […]

My Dad – Dying with Dignity

Mark Armstrong's Dad

My Dad, bless his heart (which nearly killed him more than once), has been dying since 1980.  Thirty-two years ago, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Marshall Islands when a telegram arrived for me in Majuro, and informed me to fly to Eugene, Oregon on the next available flight.  My father had a “massive heart attack” and was […]