Ask a Carmelite: Isn’t It Enough to Believe in Jesus?

Dear Sister, Do I really have to believe all the other things the Catholic Church teaches? Dear Friend, I do realize that the idea of ‘believing all that the Catholic Church teaches’ sounds excessive and even authoritarian to many ears, but it must be remembered that the Church has never asked – much less required – irrational nor blindly credulous […]

Answering Common Objections to the Catholic Teaching on Holy Orders

Catholic Clergy

In Defense of the Sacraments of Service – Marriage and Holy Orders Last week, we looked at the teaching of the Church on Christian Vocation and answered common objections to its teachings of marriage. This week, our focus is on Holy Orders. Common Objections Concerning Holy Orders Objection to Holy Orders #1: There is no need for priesthood. Jesus is […]

A Catholic Responds – Five Common Protestant Objections to the Sacrament of Confession

Return of the Prodigal Son by Murillo

In discussing the Catholic faith with non-Catholics, the doctrine concerning confessing one’s sins to a priest often arises. Indeed, in my experience, the Sacrament of Reconciliation ranks right up there with Marian Dogmas among the Church’s teachings that prompt the most questions from those inquiring about the Catholic Faith. The following objections to the doctrine are those about which I […]

Fr. Barron Comments on “King David and the Spirituality of the Priesthood”

"King David in Prayer" by Pieter de Grebber

I had the privilege last week of going to St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, and I gave a lecture there, but I also spoke to the seminarians. And, I used the sort of context of King David because I’d been working on this commentary in Second Samuel… Watch and listen to Fr. Barron’s commentary on “King David and the Spirituality […]

Fr. Barron Comments on “What You Believe Makes a Difference”

"Sermon on the Mount" by Bloch

Well, a team of sociologists, led by William D’Antonio who is a professor at Catholic University, just published a survey that’s gotten a lot of media attention, because it shows that there’s this kind of disconnect between people’s beliefs in Catholic doctrine and people’s sense of their viability as Catholics. So, I’ll give you one example… Watch and listen to […]

The Twelve Most Important Things to Know about Angels

Angels — The Twelve Most Important Things to Know About Them They really exist. Not just in our minds, or our myths, or our symbols, or our culture. They are as real as your dog, or your sister, or electricity. They’re present, right here, right now, right next to you, reading these words with you. They’re not cute, cuddly, comfortable, […]